May 5, 2011

Why Purchase Custom made Furniture & Cabinetry?

Do you have a unique shaped room in your home that demands a custom piece of furniture or cabinetry? Maybe you need a new piece of furniture that must match your existing furniture collection.

Custom furniture or cabinetry is better built and will stand the test of time.

The benefit of custom made furniture and custom cabinetry are: you have control over the design, style, size, finish and much more. Most people assume that custom built cabinetry and furniture are much higher, that’s not always the case.

Our client has a unique space that has been zoned into two different spaces a home office and media area. The credenza will be used in the home office area and it fits perfectly in the space. Don Underhill with WD Home Restoration designed and built to our exact specifications. My client is very pleased with the product and price. Bookcases and a desk to follow very soon.


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