February 28, 2011

Redesign + More Services

Interior Room Redesign – Interior Room Redesign offers home owners the opportunity to use their existing furniture, artwork and accessories. This is done by rearranging furniture, accessories and artwork with accommodating the architectural features, focal points and room function. This will result in a warm, beautiful and inviting space that reflects your lifestyle.

After the completed one on one consultation we will discuss the function and purpose of the interior room redesign, we will note all your room redesign requirements. The information will be used to customize a room redesign plan to enhance your home and style.

Interior Design – Whether you’re building, remodeling or giving your home an enhancement makeover Redesign + More can assist you with those important decisions.
Our design services include a project design, room plan, lighting selection, material requirements, furniture selection, color coordination, window treatments, flooring options and accessorizing.
Redesign + More will save you time and pass along our partnership savings so you can feel at ease throughout the design project.

Real Estate Home Staging – Smart sellers and Realtor Agents realize the importance in real estate staging. Statistics have shown a staged home sells faster in the real estate market. It's investment that comes back at the closing table and the cost of real estate staging is always less than the first price reduction. The National Association of Realtors reports that, on average, a staged home sells more than twice as quickly as a non-staged home (13.9 days vs. 31 days.) In addition, staged homes sell for 6.9%-10% more than their non-staged counterparts.

Real Estate Staging is the art of presenting a home at its best, creating the "First Impression".   We work with you to create curb appeal of your home for the drive-by buyers. Redesign + More will achieve in making your home feel larger, warmer and up to date, in order to shorten the time to sale and increase its profitability. Staging your home is money in your pocket!

As professional real estate stagers our goal is to offer you a visual inspection of your home and prepare it for the real estate market. We evaluate every aspect of the interior and exterior of the property that impacts marketability. You receive a detailed report of each room, which will emphasize the home's selling points as well as a list items for improvements. Redesign + More can help you de-clutter, organize and showcase the home's focal points. When staging your home we will tour your home just like a potential buyer will, with an eye to details and features to be highlighted for showings. We determine the best way to highlight your home’s features and give our recommendations for changes. Our recommendations may include furniture placement, and accessory arrangement, editing, organizing, and more. 
Affordable Budget Interior Home Decorating –  We find that many people are looking for ways to save money on home decorating, but they still want a designer look. We have an expert approach to create appealing home décor that compliments your style and stays within your decorating budget. Our Budget Interior Home Decorating Services is your resource for decorating your home on a budget.